The WWF Award-winning Geopedia SCE,
designs, organizes and implements excursions in nature
combining recreational activities with experiential environmental learning.

The innovation of Geopedia lies in the participation of its scientific staff
(geologists, biologists, oceanographers, foresters, environmentalists, archaeologists, educators)
and it’s based on Responsible Tourism.

Our travel experiences are both focusing on the environmental awareness
by fun outdoor experiences and the promotion and empowerment of local communities.

We offer one-day or multi-day excursions in remarkable ecological and cultural areas throughout Greece.
We organize tours for up to 30 prs, families, students, private groups and tailor made holidays.
Join us for a holistic experience full of knowledge, activities, good food and welcoming people.


During our tour, we will enjoy the landscape’s natural beauty while hiking, biking or trail running along the lakesides and experience an up close interaction with the water buffalos.

We will meet the local fishermen, learn about their unique relationship with the pelicans and be part of their daily routine with the birds. In our boat trip on the lake’s calm waters we will admire its rare flora and bird fauna.

The most adventurous travelers will have the opportunity to explore the area while riding a horse.

The escape is completed with exquisite meals of local dishes, such as buffalo meat and trout and visits to the nearby villages, as well as a relaxing and soothing natural hot baths in a Byzantine hammam.

Among the activities, we will learn about the history of the lake, the influence of human intervention on the ecosystem and its role on the local society.

Throughout the four day trip, we will be hosted in local traditional and friendly guest houses and our scientist-guides will be offering their knowledge making your experience unique and unforgettable.

​Rafina is an area surrounded by a unique nature, hills and beaches, with high ecological value and big history.

In a hill covered by a pine forest we will visit the German Fortress from WW2.
Among the Mediterranean coastal flora we will enjoy a panoramic view from an acropolis built in 3000 B.C.
In a sandy beach we will experience the creation and evolution of a sensitive ecosystem.
Walk with us in 3 different routes and discover natural and historical hidden sites of Attica.


Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning!

In the hill of Panagitsa, Germans during the 2nd world war built trenches, canopies, machine gun bases, and underground concrete bunkers. We will live the experience of an open “museum” as we walk among the well reserved historical constructions.

“Askitario” is a Bronze Age acropolis (3000 B.C.) located in the triangle shaped hill of Crocodile. From one side there is a cliffy, rocky, wild coast and from the other side the big sandy beach of Marikes. Walking among the characteristic Mediterranean coastal flora we will enjoy the view, learn about this important ecosystem and observe the human presence from the ancient years to present.

The beach of “Marikes” is a rare ecosystem of Attica Region with high ecological value. Walking on the 700m beach we will meet the protected seagrass Posidonia oceanica and a geological formation named beachrock. We will explore the sand dunes and learn about their unique flora. We will swim in crystal clear blue waters and taste fresh fish and local specialties in a hidden tavern with great sea view.

Join us to explore how human and nature interact!

In just 45 minutes from the center of Athens, we will have the opportunity to

enjoy nature and relax in the National Park of Parnitha.


An ancient fortress overlooking the Attica landscape, a unique monastery build on the rocks with a view of a canyon and
a path through the lush mountain on top of the ancient aqueduct, are few of the highlights this mountain has to offer.


Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning!

To the west of Parnitha, we will visit the "fortress of democracy".  It took its name back in 404 BC when the General Thrasyvoulos consolidated democracy in this place. Come and enjoy the panoramic views of the Athenian plain and the Saronic Gulf just across it.


The Monastery of "Κleiston”, built on the edge of the steep but also gorgeous “ Giannoula” Gorge,  it is “closed” in the mountain.  Come and discover how the nuns found a remarkable and enviable way of channeling the candle to the cave of Faneromeni across the monastery and through the canyon.


The ancient aqueduct transferred water from springs and the Keladan River, supplying the Thriassian Field and the city of Eleusis. We will hike the path on the built ancient aqueduct and through the woods and if we are lucky we will meet the most beautiful resident of Parnitha ... the red deer!

Water is the source of life and the creator of magnificent hydrogeological formations such as
springs, rivers, lakes and underground routes and caves.
In this one day water themed tour in Peloponnese, we will visit beautiful natural sites, learn about the water
as a link between different environments, talk about Greek mythology, taste local food and most of all, enjoy nature.

Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning!

In the plateau of Mantineia, we will see the natural sinkholes and visit the cave of Kapsia with the spectacular colored stalactites and stalagmites.


On our way to the springs of River Ladonas, we will stop in a living natural monument counting 3000 years of life, the vineyard of Pausanias.


In Achaia, we will walk by the springs of Ladonas, enjoy nature and taste the traditional Greek feta cheese from a nearby dairy farm.


Driving through a beautiful route in the mountains we will arrive in the artificial Lake Doxa. We will hike or horse ride through a dense forest with fir and pine trees. We will take a picnic with local traditional food on the shores of the lake, visit the monastery of St. Georgios to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake, taste the spoon sweet ‘roses’ of the monks and we will walk to the chapel of St. Fanourios located on the edge of a scenic peninsula in the lake.

We will visit the “Marathon Run Museum” with over 4000 exhibits that record the history of the Marathon race from 1896 until today.

In a very close distance from where the Marathon battle took place, we will explore the Schinias National Park which belongs to the European Natura 2000 network of protected areas. The park among others, includes a wetland with many opportunities for bird watching and an important coastal pine forest. Also inside the Park, are the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Center where Olympics 2004 took place.

We will continue our tour to the Marathon Dam and Lake constructed between 1926 and 1929. Until 1959 it was the sole supplier of water to Athens and it is often cited for its role in the modernization of Greece and the first recorded case of seismic activity associated with reservoir inundation. It was also designed to be symbolic of Ancient Greece, particularly Athenians and the Battle of Marathon.


After a full day of activities we will have the chance to enjoy local food in a traditional tavern.

Escape with Geopedia in one of the largest and richest wetlands in Europe,
which belongs to the NATURA 2000 network and is protected, internationally, by the RAMSAR Convention.

Sea, lagoons, rivers and riparian areas, swamps, salt marshes/ salinas and Mediterranean salt flats
create a complex of unique habitats.
The vegetation near water hosts rare birds, the large "tigania" (concentrating ponds) give mountains of salt and
the “pelades” (traditional homes of the fishermen that are built into the water) and
“divaria” (fish breeding places in lagoons) of fishermen offer fresh fish and
“avgotaracho”-botargo (traditional fish delicacy), named the “gold of the lagoon”.


The ancient city with the panoramic view, the best preserved ancient shipyard of Greece and
the Garden of Heroes compose the picture of an area with a long history.


We present you Messolonghi, a worth visiting destination, full of natural, historical interest and unique relishes.

Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning!

The excursion is an experience full of activities.
We will take a boat ride with the fishermen of the lagoon and enjoy their fresh catch in their traditional huts, the “pelades”.
We will cycle and walk through the lagoons observing human intervention and getting to know this unique ecosystem.
We will visit the ancient Oiniades, the Garden of Heroes and the Municipal Gallery, the most important museum of the area.
We will be informed about the National Park of Messolonghi, the place of the largest production of salt in Greece, the rich fish production and we will walk the Fraxos Forest, a protected monument of nature.
We will visit a local production workshop of avgotaraho, taste local flavors and get to know Aetoliko.

Get away with Geopedia and come to explore one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece
and the largest environmental project in the Balkans.  Join us in a 3-day full of activities tour in Pelion Mt and Karla Lake!

Pelion was the summer residence of Olympian gods and
the home of important heroes of Greek mythology like the strange creature Centaur.

Karla is a reborn lake with a great ecological significance.

 Dimini is one of Europe's most important Neolithic settlements.

Moutzouris is a legendary train that climbs on one of the world's narrowest rail lines.

Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning!

The village of «Vizitsa» where we will stay is a vibrant museum of traditional architecture. From there, we will hike Mount Pelion, which is thickly forested widely known for its vibrant plant life and diverse biotopes.

In another picturesque village of Pelion, Milies, we will have the opportunity to meet the locals who will introduce us to the rare medicinal plants and herbs growing in the mountains, as they used them extensively for therapeutic and other purposes. We will also horse ride, learn about the art of bee-keeping and the apiculture industry and take cooking lessons of how to make our own traditional pies.

At Lake Karla, we will visit the Management Body of Lake Karla and we will learn all about the largest environmental project in the Balkans. Birdwatching is a must activity in the wetland as we walk along the shores of the new lake.


We will travel in the past in wooden wagons driven by the “Moutzouris” locomotives, the legendary train that climbs on one of the narrowest rail lines in the world.


Our visit to the Neolithic village of “Dimini” will also be a trip to the past as we will walk between houses and narrow streets built 7,000 years ago.

The neighboring famous mountain Olympus, led to remain unknown, virgin and mysterious.

Come with Geopedia to get to know the spectacular mountain of Kissavos and the reason why it has so many names as
“Kissavo”, “Osa”, “mountain of the cells” “Botanical garden”, “balcony of the Aegean”.

Kissavos is characterized as a huge botanical garden for the abundance and variety of its vegetation.

It is lush with beech, chestnut, almond, fir and oak forests.

In the north there are many chestnuts, many of which are exported all the way to Scandinavia!


Large part of its area belongs to the European network of NATURA2000 protected areas.

Its slopes are home to picturesque villages, intense landscapes and streams that create beautiful waterfalls and

impressive canyons that end up on the golden beaches of Aegean coast.


Follow us in  “green” and “blue” circular route full of nature, history and action!


​Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning!

In the northern part of the mountain, passing through the valley of Tempi, we will admire the river Pinios and its estuaries by rafting in the straits and hiking in the Delta to the Aegean Sea.

We will visit the historic village of “Ambelakia”, where the world's first agricultural cooperative was founded.

To the east we will enjoy the endless beaches and visit places of historical and archaeological interest such as the castle of Melivia and 11th century Byzantine ruins.

On the southern part we will visit the village of “Melivoya“, home of Filoktitis known from Greek mythology and pioneer village in chestnut production.

We will tour the artists' village of Metaxochori well known for its traditional stone houses and mansions and we will hike a path through lush forest with chestnuts, wooden bridges and waterfalls.


Escape to one of the most beautiful landscapes of Greece,
a unique Wetland of International Importance, now established as a National Park.


Lake Kerkini, located in Northern Greece, belongs to the NATURA 2000 network
and is internationally protected according to the Ramsar Convention.

The Lake and its surroundings are ideal for outdoor activities, relax and a close encounter with its important ecosystem.

The lake is one of the best places in Europe for natural bird watching, hosting about 300 bird species.
The lacustrine area and its surroundings are characterized by high biodiversity

and host more than 2000 species between insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

Among the latter the water buffalos are here represented by the most numerous population in the Greek territory.

Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning.


Join Geopedia in a historical journey.
The battle of Marathon was a pivotal moment for Greece where the outnumbered Athenians defeated the first invasion by the Persian army in 490 BC. This battle was the start for Greek innovation in politics, philosophy, art, theatre, and culture.


During our visit, we will explore the area and see from up-close the Tumulus of the Athenians that shelters the bodies of some 200 soldiers who fell in the battle of Marathon, as well as the replica of the trophy of Marathon erected to commemorate their victory.


Marathon Lake is a beautiful spot created by nature and human. It’s an artificial lake operating as a water reservoir for Athens. There you can see the unique Marathon Dam, the only one in the world made of marble. At the bottom of the dam you will see the replica of the trophy of Marathon erected to commemorate their victory.


Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning!


In the island of Kythnos, as base for our excursions will have the windless harbor of Merichas. 


During our stay, we will visit Vriokastro, the ancient capital of the island, the small bay of Apokrousis with the homonymous sandy beach and the unigue “Kolona” separating  the sea and leading to a small island.


We will also walk the two main villages of the island with the characteristic Cycladic whitewashed houses and the picturesque alleys and visit the both natural and artificial cave of Katafiki with the mines.


At the east part of the island, we will swim in a natural spa and experience its great mining history in the arcades of its inactive mines. The geological formations are complemented by the impressive caves shortly before we reach Zogaki beach, one of the most beautiful, quiet and windless beaches of Kythnos.


Traditional food, warming people, a pottery and a food workshop experiences complete our excursion.

Geopedia goes wild!

Join us in a 3 day tour to a cool place next to streams and lush mountains.

The rich and dense vegetation of Pindos in the prefecture of Trikala will be our refuge

away from the bustling beaches and unbearable heat of August.

Plane trees, firs, springs and running waters, lush alpine meadows,
picturesque villages, traditional taverns, historic trails and monuments, water mills and stone bridges
are few of the things you’ll enjoy

... and all these at 1000 meters above the sea!


One of the most beautiful mountain hotel complexes in the country, the traditional and historical hotel "Archontiko Chatzigaki"
it is an iconic tower offering 5-star accommodation.

​From there, we will discover the surrounding area, big part of which belongs to the Natura 2000 European Network of Protected areas. The forests has dozens of endemic plant species

and is home for bears, otters and wild boars.

Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning!

During our stay, we will hike in the most well-preserved firs forests in Greece, such as the Pertouli Forest. In the Pertouli meadows we ride horses or cycling on flat grasslands next to streams and small lakes. We will find ourselves walking old one-arched bridges but also modern ones and learning about their history, admiring impressive waterfalls and visiting traditional watermills in the area. 


In the village “Neraidochori”, in the shadow of the mountains of Marosa and Neraida in an idyllic location, we will visit the stone bridge that was completed when an old beggar was built on its foundation. From the bridge we will walk at "Vlachostrata", the historic stoned narrow path that connected Thessaly with Epirus.


In the village of “Ropoto”, the ghost village that moves, the creepy images of destruction will set the example that scientific knowledge is inextricably linked to dealing with natural disasters.

In the picturesque shops of Elati we will find local products and traditional flavors of Thessaly (trachanas, honey, groats, sun-dried tomatoes, spoon sweets, jams, herbs, tsipouro etc.).


Get away with Geopedia and take the chance to enjoy the beauty of simplicity. 


We will walk on whitewashed alleys in picturesque villages with small squares and white churches.

We will explore the island through a big network of trails with
elaborate stoneworks and visit caves, natural spas, impressive geological formations, capes, mines,
archaeological sites and beautiful beaches.


Join us on a trip in the authentic, hospitable and charming island of Kythnos.


Experienced scientists will guide you throughout the excursion, sharing their knowledge and

offering a unique and unforgettable environmental experiential learning.

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